Assam: Police Arrested Inter-State Narcotic Trade Kingpin

Kingpin of inter-State narcotic trade arrested in Karbi Anglong -  Sentinelassam

GUWAHATI: On Wednesday 12 January the Karbi Anglong Police has arrested the chief of the inter-state drug racket.

The arrested man has been identified as Baba Hazarika living in the Gharialdubi area that comes under Khatkhati police station.

Throughout the major drive, the Karbi police have seized a large quantity of drugs from a tipper truck along with parts of animals in the residence of Hazarika.

The driver of the truck from where the drugs are found was also detained for his relation with the case.

The item seized from the spot included wildlife parts, 795 grams of heroin, a tipper truck, and three other vehicles. The drugs found are of fine quality which is expected to be over Rupees 5 crore in the market.

According to police information, the accused person had been operating the illegal business of drugs along the border of the states Nagaland and Assam and he as the main lead controlled the network of drug smuggling. He has been managing the network from accession to transport and distribution at different sectors.

Police have been keeping Hazarika under their observation for a long time for his involvement with drugs in the last two years.

While speaking with the media persons, the Superintendent of Karbi Anglong Police, Pusparaj Singh informed that Hazarika was under police surveillance for the last 3 months and the team of police got major information about him related to drugs.

As per the information received the residence was monitored by police regularly which resulted in tracking his movements.

The SP said that after receiving certain details regarding the shipment of a huge consignment of illicit drugs from the state of Manipur directly to Hazarika, the police officials deployed sources close to his house and they notice a tipper truck entering at around 04:30 am in the morning.

The team of police soon reached the spot, closed all the entry and started a thorough inquiry searching the vehicles. The team found 60 soapboxes that contained 795 grams of heroin inside which was kept in the fuel tank of the vehicle.

SP Singh further stated animal parts such as the ankle bone of an elephant, tortoiseshell, 3 deer antlers and skulls were recovered after a long search in the campus area.

Source: Sentinel Assam

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