Assam Govt Sends Report To Centre Seeking Ban On Popular Front of India (PFI)

Guwahati: According to a statement made by Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Assam government has submitted a report to the Central Government seeking a ban of the Popular Front of India, which is an extremist Islamic organisation based in India.

Speaking to the media, CM Sarma said, “In accordance to an investigation we have found that PFI is involved with various illegal activities in the state. Since the state government cannot ban an organization so we have sent a report to the Centre with evidence seeking to ban this group.”

The Chief Minister also revealed that enough evidence has been found against the Popular Front of India that proves the militant outfit’s involvement in several unconstitutional activities that had taken place in the state.

The Chief Minister added, “We are sure the group will be banned immediately by the Central government.”

As per reports, the Assam police have arrested several people linked to the extremist group and filed cases against the Popular Front of India.

Previously, the violence during the eviction drive in Garukhuti in the district of Darrang was reported to be instigated by the Popular Front of India as per the Assam government. The violence that had erupted during the eviction claimed the life of two persons while several injuries were also reported.

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