Assam govt announces strict measures to recover economics amid COVID-19 crisis

However, the salary for government employees will not be cut for the month of April. But instead of paying it on the first of every month, now it will be paid on the eight-day.

Further, the state government announced that all industrial exemptions, subsidies and incentives of various sectors have been suspended until further orders. No GST reimbursements will be allowed to industries for the first quarter of the financial year.

Also, a ban has been imposed on the purchase of new vehicles by government departments without the approval of CM except for ambulance or vehicles required for police duty. And no conferences, workshops, seminars, functions or fairs can held till June. Any meeting or conference in five-star hotels has been banned.

No executive class travel will be allowed except in the case of governor, CM, chief justice and other judges of the High Court and the chief secretary.

The state also suspended the release of MLA Area Development Fund till July.