Assam BJP MLA demands reservation of assembly seats for indigenous people in 9 migrant Muslim dominated districts

Guwahati: With a population blast and ever-increasing numbers, the migrant Muslims have become the largest community in Assam. With over 1.25 crore population, migrant Muslims are now the majority in 9 districts of Assam. As the indigenous people of Assam have almost lost their political and social rights in those districts, Assam BJP MLA Mrinal Saikia is demanding the reservation of assembly seats in the Muslim majority districts.

Talking to Organiser, MLA Mrinal Saikia said that Assamese people and even the indigenous Muslims have lost political rights in the nine districts. From Panchayat to the Assembly, the migrant Muslims have snatched the political rights of the indigenous people.

He said, “In the Minority dominated Barpeta district, minority voters decide all six constituencies’ fates and the indigenous people living in the district are deprived of their political rights for a long period.”

MLA Saikia said that one seat in these nine districts should be reserved for non-Muslims, and two seats should be reserved for indigenous Muslims. He said, “In the 9 districts of Assam where migrated Muslims have become the majority, 2 Assembly seats should be reserved for indigenous muslims and 7 seats should be reserved for non-Muslim community.”

Saikia said the reservation for indigenous people is important to maintain social security so that the people living in these districts aren’t deprived of their basic rights.

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