Assam-Based Online News Channel Hacked By Pakistani Hackers

Guwahati: An Assam-based online news channel was hacked by a Pakistan-based hacking group known as Revolution PK.

As per reports, the incident was reported on June 9, when the content of the news channel was replaced with the image of a Pakistani flag a hymn for Prophet Muhammad and tickers reading ‘Respect Holy Prophet.

The live screen ticker was also replaced with the text ‘Respect Holy Prophet (PBUH)’ highlighting the recent incident.

Speaking to the media, the MD of the news channel asserted that Revolution PK hacked the channel during the live stream and swapped the news broadcast with a Pakistani flag, and ran ‘Respect Holi’. Prophet (PBUH)’ ticker.

”This is an act of cyber terrorism and we strongly condemn this incident and also express our concern on this matter, which is related to national security,” media reports the MD as saying.

According to MD, apart from illegally expressing their religious views on the channel, the hackers also intended to defame the channel and India as they posted hacked parts of videos on social media platforms.

”Pakistani users express their joy by tweeting in favor of Revolution PK and lauding them for hacking the channel,” the MD added.

Meanwhile, the channel has alerted authorities and also registered a complaint with the Guwahati police which is currently being investigated.

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