ASP Brinda jumps into Election fray

Imphal, October 17 2021: Putting an end to all speculations, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Thounaojam Brinda on Sunday announced her decision to contest the upcoming 12th Manipur Legislative Election in 2022 from Yaiskul AC.

On Sunday, after announcing her candidacy, Brinda along with her supporters attempted to carry out a bike rally from near her residence at Hicham Yacham Pat till Wangkhei Meihoubam Lampak.

However, while her supporters were preparing to carry out the rally from her residence, police prevented the rally from taking place, leading to a huge stand-off.

After getting intercepted by the police, the rallyists attempted to push through and carry on with the rally.

However, large number of police personnel present stood strong and prevented the rally from taking place.

Later, a meeting was held at the tried her best to resolve them.

Although she worked hard to help awaken the people and imbibe a critical thinking mind, she did not have enough power to rectify the flawed system.

She continued: “The people have seen how hard I worked to change the system and how I fought against it, including the challenges I faced during a case, in the larger interest of the people and the state.

I then came to the realisation that I could give up being an executive and become a part of the legislature so as to cleanse the system.

Thus, I decided to join politics” .

“Although I am yet to decide which political party I should join, residence of Thounaojam Brinda, wherein she reiterated her decision to contest the upcoming election.

Speaking to newspersons, Brinda informed that she was well aware of the state government’s plan to intercept the bike rally on Sunday.

The ruling government has been using the law and power for its own interests, which is already known by the people.

“Although my rally was not allowed to be carried out under the excuses of Covid protocol and VVIP movement, other assembly constituencies are allowed to take out rallies or hold mass gatherings.

This is a prime example of the contemptuous attitude towards the aspirations of the people and democracy as a whole,” she remarked.

Responding to a question on her journey from a super cop to politics, whether her decision was preplanned and what motivated her to come to such a decision; Brinda replied that her decision was not preplanned.

She said that she joined the police force and tried correcting the system as an “executive” .

At the time, she came across many issues and the dirty little things of the system and I have received offers from many associations.

However, there is still political interference and pressure from above.

I will decide on the party after consulting with the elders of the constituency as well as my supporters, following which the names of the political party will be announced,” she conveyed.

Brinda then informed that she is still an Additional SP and would soon be handing over the resignation letter.

Stating that the state is in a precarious state, Brinda said that the continuance of the ongoing system will worsen the conditions.

Aside from the influx of outsiders, the railways will soon reach Imphal.

Amidst this, the unemployed rate in the state is rising considerably.

The people are the ones who have to decide what is best for them.

Remarking that what people want are government jobs, the Additional SP said: “As we all know, we don’t get government jobs, we buy them instead.

The government sells jobs and we purchase them.

Fresh graduates have difficulty fitting in such a situation.

Thus, the first and foremost thing we need to do is to uplift the youth and poor of the country” .

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