APJ Abdul Kalam: Outspoken Spokesperson of Creative Education

On 15th October we are celebrating the birth anniversary of the ideal Bharat Ratna Shri Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam i.e. APJ Abdul Kalam of the whole country.

The famous Irish poet W.B. Yates said – “Education is not just filling a limited vessel with water, but education is such an everlasting flame whose light fills your life with light.” His interesting thought prompts us to ponder over the untold hidden in these words. He might have meant to say that education is not just a few drops of knowledge, which children get by going to school and studying various subjects, but education is for the children.

Whenever you ask a child, what does he want to be when he grows up? So you get the answer – Engineer, Doctor, Fireman, Pilot, Astronaut etc. But how many kids really know what they really want to be? And what happens later on, that they completely lose interest in some subjects, even those subjects in which they used to be of special interest? Wondering what is the reason behind this? means of education? Medium or mainly the education system itself?

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam believed that the talent of children should be identified, and they should also be encouraged to develop it, so that a generation full of new ideas can be created. He has been saying that, “Children have a natural capacity for creativity, imagination and innovative thinking, but with age it gradually decreases.

Kalam always emphasized on creativity in the field of education. He believed that if you want to be different from others, then your way of thinking should also be different. He says, “Creativity is a continuous process, through which we can continuously develop our imaginations. It is only through gradual change that we can continuously improve our thoughts and come to a unique solution. The most important aspect of creativity is that, even if we look at something in the same way as everyone else sees it, our way of thinking about it should be different.

On 15th October we are celebrating the birth anniversary of the ideal Bharat Ratna Shri Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam i.e. APJ Abdul Kalam of the whole country. His thoughts and especially the youth and his immense interest in the field of science are inspiring for all of us. APJ Abdul Kalam was born in a sailor family. He was the youngest of his siblings and often accompanied his father on a boat. When he helped his father to build the boat, he watched the huge pieces of wood transform into a boat. Who would have thought that one day this child would be making missiles and rockets for the country, not a boat. Whenever his cousins ​​who had returned from working in the city talked about the various new inventions, literature and science they had seen there, then the curiosity and interest in all these fields in Abdul Kalam’s mind grew even more.

It is said that creativity makes you think, your thoughts lead you to knowledge, and knowledge makes you great. APJ Abdul Kalam has introduced this creativity in many of his speeches, and has also given many such examples, which he experienced in his life journey. He himself was a very good student and there is always a curiosity in his mind that if any incident happens then why does it happen? An incident from childhood left a great impression on his curious mind. One day one of his teachers, Siva Subramaniam Iyer, took his class to the seashore and asked the children to watch the birds flying. Giving a theoretical example about the flight of birds, he connected that example with reality. This incident left a deep impression on the mind of APJ Abdul Kalam. He had decided on the same day that he also has to fly big, become a pilot. His dream of becoming a pilot could not be fulfilled but he flew very high in this world with “fire wings”, and never looked back.

Just as it is necessary for a teacher to have the zeal to teach, it is also necessary to have the passion to nurture the creative and imaginative minds of the children. Along with the teachers, it is necessary that the parents also recognize the talents of the children and motivate them to think beyond marks and exams for a better future. Children need an environment in which they can be encouraged to innovate, experiment, and this environment must be nurturing in order to excel in their work. The same environment will be available to the students in the Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan 2021 organized by Vigyan Bharti and Vigyan Prasar. Through this examination, the curious nature of the students will be encouraged by its unprecedented techniques.

Vigyan Bharti (VIBHA) is an organization based in Delhi, India. Work run by Vigyan Bharati (VIBHA) is a nationwide movement for the promotion and dissemination of science and technology among the general public especially children. Vigyan Bharti has always been highlighting the contribution of ancient and present India to the scientific world. It is the largest science organization in the country, whose coverage is maintained by state level units and joint science institutions across the country.

Vigyan Bharti in association with Vigyan Prasar and NCERT organizes a nationwide examination “Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan” every year. This exam is a big opportunity for the school students. “Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan” gives students a chance to develop scientific thinking, increase scientific knowledge, as well as to get new opportunities in the field of science and to acquire knowledge from the experts in the field of science. Keeping in mind the curious nature of the students, the program has been designed so as to grab their attention immediately and for the future. Various workshops, camps, trainings and internships related to science activities have been included in this program. (Register for VVM 2021-22 at www.vvm.org.in before 31 October 2021).

Vigyan Bharati has brought together science from across the world, showcasing the global views of science and the contribution of Indian scientists to the field of science. The purpose of this examination is not only to increase the knowledge related to science in children by bringing different perspectives, but also to increase the curiosity of the children. Its main objective is to bridge the gap between those who understand science, those who teach science and those who want to learn science with those who communicate science, by bringing teachers, experts and science lovers on one platform.

The way Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has brought science to the general public and children, till date no one else has been able to do that. Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan believes in Dr. Kalam’s thinking of creative education and that is why it emphasizes on students to think differently or to think about the subject from a different perspective. Interactions with experts by encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, deeper understanding and creative brainstorming along with the curriculum, And providing opportunities for innovation is the main objective of student science brainstorming. Science and youth are the two pillars of the nation’s development and VVM aims to build a solid foundation by linking them together.

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