“Anti-National Activities” Going On In Many Madrassas: Assam BJP

Assam BJP on Sunday alleged that “anti-national activities” are going on in many private madrassas in the state and urged the administration to to “keep a close watch if education is imparted in those private madrassas on the lines of government madrassas”.

During a press conference, BJP spokespersons Ranjib Kumar Sharma and Mominul Awal made the allegations saying that an Islamic terror outfit ‘Al-Qaida in Indian Subcontinent’ (AQIS) has sprung up in the Madrassas situated in char-chapori(riverine) areas in the form of sleeper cells covering a wide network and the process has caught pace in the past couple of years.

Referring to the arrest of five youths from Barpeta district’s Chakaliyapara Madrassa by Assam Police recently, they said, ‚Äúthis has exposed the wide network of the extremist outfit in the majority of the madrassas in the char- chapori areas of the state.”

“In many of the private madrassas anti-national activities are going in recent times and they urged the administration to keep a close watch whether education is being imparted on those private madrassas on the lines of government madrassas. It is very shocking that in these private madrassas of the state, the majority of the students are not aware of Mahapurush Sankardeva, Madhabdeva and Lachit Borphukan,” they added.

They also hit out at Opposition Congress, All India United Democratic Front and AMSU saying that they have been appeasing the minorities and never raised a voice against the “militant network”.

“These political parties who have been appeasing the minorities have never raised any voice or taken any initiative against the widespread militant network in the riverine areas,” they said.

The party spokesmen also alleged that Congress, AIUDF and AMSU have always been working in tandem with “Islamic extremist organisations”.

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