Ajmal-Led AIUDF Will Dissolve Soon, Claims Senior Assam Congress Leader

Guwahati: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC), senior Congress MLA, Jakir Hussain Sikdar has claimed that Badaruddin Ajmal-led, All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) will dissolve soon and Ajmal will continue as being a businessman in future.

Sikadar, while speaking to News18, asserted that Ajmal should close his party and should continue with his businesses across the world after the party’s poor performance in the recent bypolls.

“I think Maulana Badaruddin Ajmal is going to dissolve his party AIUDF soon. He is a very intelligent businessman and he knows very well how to deal with his business. After the massive failure in the bypolls, Ajmal should shut down his party and should continue his business all over the world,” News18 quoted him as saying.

Complimenting his party, Sikdar further added that his party has been working for the people in a secular manner since its inception, while on the other side, Ajmal-led AIUDF focusing on religion doing religion-based politics in Assam.

“Ajmal-led AIUDF is doing religion-based politics in Assam as BJP is doing all over the country. People of Assam understand very well now about their disgusting politics,” he added.

In the recent bypolls, the BJP-led ruling coalition clean swept the bye-poll in five LACs (Legislative Assembly Constituencies) in the State.

What was significant in the bye-poll results was that the candidates won with a huge margin. With this win, the ruling alliance gained its strength in the state Assembly. Yet again, Congress, AIUDF, Raijor Dal (Independent) and the BPF suffered a setback.

While reacting on Sikdar comments, the AIUDF’s Ashraful Hussain said that Congress should fight BJP who are hijacking their MLAs and should discharge their duties as an opposition party instead of getting into fights with small party like AIUDF.

“Congress should maintain their duties as an opposition party and should fight against BJP. We know, Congress is a big party in the country and they should strongly build their barricade to defeat BJP, who are hijacking Congress MLAs. We are fighting for the poor people and for their justice. They (Congress) should not fight with us, AIUDF is a small party,” he added

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