Afghanistan: Two Journalists Beaten Up By Taliban For Covering Women’s Protests

Kabul: As per the reports of the Human Rights Watch, two journalists in Afghanistan were detained by the Taliban security forces and brutally beaten up for covering a women’s protest.

On Tuesday, the two journalists of Kabul based media outlet Etilaat-e-Roz, Taqi Daryabi and Nemat Naqdi, were covering a protest by women against the Taliban’s violation of the rights of women and children in Kabul.

According to the the media outlet to which the two journalists belonged, the two men were detained by the Taliban and were locked up in separate cells in a police station before being brutally thrashed by cables.

The two men received much injuries on their backs and faces and have been undergoing treatment in a hospital after they were released on Wednesday.

In a statement made by the editor-in-chief of Etilaat-e Roz, Zaki Daryabi, it was revealed that the journalists were beaten up for four hours.

“Under Constant and brutal torture of the Taliban, reporters lost consciousness four times,” he added.

Recently, the Taliban government had banned sports for women.

The deputy head of the Taliban’s cultural commission, Ahmadullah Wasiq, said, “I don’t think women will be allowed to play cricket because it is not necessary that women should play cricket.”

He added, “In cricket, they might face a situation where their face and body will not be covered. Islam does not allow women to be seen like this. It is the media era, and there will be photos and videos, and then people watch it. Islam and the Islamic Emirate do not allow women to play cricket or play the kind of sports where they get exposed.”

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