AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh admits on TV that he broke Deputy Chairman’s mic

After being suspended for a week on account of unruly behaviour in the parliament, AAP Rajya Sabha Member Sanjay Singh today unabashedly admitted on the national television that he was the one who broke the mic of the Deputy Chairman of the House amidst the ruckus over the farm bills.

However, Singh defended his unruly behaviour, alleging that he did for the sake of protecting the democracy.

“I admit that I stood up on the table. I also admit that I broke the mic but I did it for the sake of protecting the democracy,” Singh was heard brazening out his thuggish behaviour in an interview with a CNN News 18 journalist.

Responding to the question that Venkaiah Naidu said that none of the suspended MPs is repentant about their activity that led to their suspension, the AAP leader defended himself and the other legislators, saying that they were trying to ‘save democracy’.

“It is the government’s fault. They have killed democracy by forcibly passing the farm bills. It is a constitutional rule and tradition that even if a single member asks for division vote, then they need to do it,” Singh said.

8 Rajya Sabha MPs suspended for their unruly behaviour with the chair

Rajya Sabha on Monday suspended 8 opposition MPs, including AAP’s Sanjay Singh for a week after they were found guilty of exhibiting unparliamentary behaviour. Derek O Brien, Sanjay Singh, Raju Satav, KK Ragesh, Ripun Bora, Dola Sen, Syed Nazir Hussain, and Elamaran Karim will not be allowed in the house for the next seven days.

Video clips of AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh assaulting a Marshal on duty had gone viral yesterday. The Marshal was trying to stop him from charging at the deputy chairman and creating a ruckus. Singh also climbed on the table and raised a slogan against the Farmer’s bill passed later in the upper house.Opindia

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