3 from Manipur make cut for NE Unsung Heroes

Imphal, April 29 2022: At least three persons from Manipur including one woman have been nominated for 4th North East Unsung Heroes Red Carpet Award 2021, which is to be held on May 12 in Mumbai .

The three persons nominated for the award are Huidrom Sushila, Kachangthai Gonmei and Wijubou Abonmai.

Huidrom Sushila has been nominated in the category of entrepreneurship.

She is the founder of Suss Design ‘A woman’s Miracles’ which is based in Imphal East.

Though a start-up, she began her firm to provide more employment to the jobless and destitute women of the State.

Kachangthai Gonmei has been short-listed for entertainment.

He is an artist and filmmaker who has produced five Rongmei films.

He is known as the torch bearer of Rongmei cinema in Manipur.

Wijubou Abonmai has been chosen for the award in the category of frontline heroes.

He reached out to over 3000 people from North East India in Mumbai with monetary assistance and rations during the total lockdown of Covid pandemic.

The 4th edition of North East Unsung Heroes Red Carpet Social Awards 2021 will be hosted by Find Studoz where around 32 unsung heroes of 8 States of North East India will be recognized for their salient contribution to the society.Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh will host a dinner for the awardees from North East India at Raj Bhavan.

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