25 yrs old bailey bridge collapses at NH-102

CCpur, May 02 2022: A bailey bridge that connects Khuanggin and Sinzawl villages near Thanlon along NH-102B collapsed today at about 10.30 am, leaving many vehicles on both the sides stranded.

Sources said the bridge constructed by the BRO is more than 25 years old.

Due to the perilous condition of the old iron bridge a major repairing was undertaken sometime last year.

Additionally, an RCC bridge to replace the bailey bridge too had started but was still in its initial stage with works underway for the footings.

Today’s incident, according to locals occurred when two big trucks took the bridge at the same time.

Usually even small passenger vehicles like Tata Sumos and Boleros have avoided travelling at the same time over the shaky bridge to avoid excess weight but the heavy trucks deployed by the road construction works reportedly flouted this norm.

No major injuries are reported though the bridge hit the river bed along with the trucks.

With the crucial bridge breaking down local chiefs and elected representatives had contacted the NHIDCL officials, both at the local stations and at Imphal pleading for an alternative arrangement on war footing.

The bridge connects Sinzawl and its adjoining villages to the State.

It is also crucial for the State to connect with the adjoining State of Mizoram.

Meanwhile people on the ground later today reported that works for a road diversion have started.

The local MLA too had claimed that NHIDC authorities have assured an alternate route within a day or two.

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